Metropolitan Colliery

Operating Company
Helensburgh Coal Pty Ltd
Contact Details Address :
Helensburgh NSW 2508
Phone :
Coal Seam
(Working Thickness)
Bulli (3.2 m)
Transportation By rail to Port Kembla Coal Terminal
Underground Access

Drift and Shaft

Longwall Dimensions
(Width x Length)


  Manufacturer (Model) Eickhoff (EDW300/380 DERDS)
  Drum Diameter (metres) 1.95
  Cutting Height (Method) 2.8 - 3.6 (Uni-Di)
  Power (kW) 380
Roof Supports
  Manufacturer DBT Australia
  Number of Supports (Type) 80 (2 - leg Shield)
  Yield Load 750 tonnes
Face Conveyor
   Manufacturer DBT Australia
  Width (Chain Size) 932 mm (30 mm twin in-board)
  Chain Speed (m/sec) 0.97
  Power (kW) 350
Beam Stage Loader
   Manufacturer (kW) DBT Australia (125)
   Coal Crusher (kW) DBT Australia (125)
Coal Clearance
(to the surface)
   Type (Capacity) Belt Conveyor (420 tonnes per Hour)