Ulan Colliery

Operating Company
Ulan Coal Mines Limited
Contact Details Address :
4505 Ulan Road
Ulan NSW 2850
Phone :
(02) 6372 5300
Coal Seam
(Working Thickness)

Ulan (2.9 m - 3.2 m)


274 km by rail to Port of Newcastle or 310 km by rail to Eraring Power Station.

Underground Access


Longwall Dimensions
(Width x Length)
(250m) x (2500m)


  Manufacturer (Model)

Eickhoff (SL 500 DERDS)

  Drum Diameter (metres) 2.2
  Cutting Height (Method) 2.7 - 3.2 (Bi-Di)
  Power (kW) 1144
Roof Supports
  Manufacturer Joy Global
  Number of Supports (Type) 171 (4 - leg Chock Shield)
  Yield Load 700 tonnes
Face Conveyor
   Manufacturer Joy Global
  Width (Chain Size) 1 000 mm (42 mm twin in-board)
  Chain Speed (m/sec) 1.63
  Power (kW) 1600
Beam Stage Loader
   Manufacturer (kW) Joy Global (300)
   Coal Crusher (kW) Joy Global (300)
Coal Clearance
(to the surface)
   Type (Capacity) Belt Conveyor (3 000 tonnes per Hour)